Big Resale Weekend
Open call
At the BIG RESALE WEEKEND festival, we are planning to introduce the works of artists, photographers, designers, curators, musicians, speakers -young professionals and also famous masters, all those who care about the theme of sustainable and zero waste and working in different media: from painting and sculpture to kinetic installations and media art.

There is an opportunity for you to organize your own fashion performance, show your photo projects, as well as objects or installations, an educational program dedicated to the study of sustainable development or an interactive performance.

It is very important for us that you share the principles of the festival: conscious consumption in fashion (in the production, processing of clothing), conscious attitude to the outside world (environmental component), concern for the individual (self-development, body care).
All costs will be on the BIG RESALE WEEKEND!
| The exposition will take place on April 20-21, 2019 on the territory of "Port Sevkabel".

| All copyrights will belong to the artist.

| We are waiting for your requests until March 1, inclusive.

| Please specify in the application:

* Project description (implemented or planned), photos/ sketches, dimensions

* CV and portfolio
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